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Selmer Cigar Cutter tenor £3300
Selmer mk6 1970s very good condition and plays well. £5500
Conn tenor Mexican plays ok £550

Selmer Mod 22 sop £1650

Selmer Balanced Action alto. Silver plate is in great condition.


This Selmer tenor saxophone serial number #16213 was made in 1932-1933 and is finished in silver. 


The horn has that amazing, focussed, vintage horn sound, characteristic of Selmer saxophones of this period - perfect for jazz, soul, blues, funk etc.

I used the horn to play mainly jazz and pop music. I toured with Showaddywaddy from 2009 to 2012 and used this horn for all of those gigs. I have also played it on stage with bands such as Heatwave, Odyssey as well as countless function gigs.

I have owned the horn since 2003. I purchased it  from a school where I was teaching, where it was kept as an extra school tenor. I had it fully overhauled by Paul Windridge in Syston, Leicester when I bought it and I also had it serviced by Steve Crow in 2009 before a major tour.


Selmer S80 Super Action Series 11 Alto Saxophone. Engraved. Very good condition.
Serial No: N. 685934. Comes with a Burgundy soft moulded case.


Selmer Series 111 Tenor Saxophone. Engraved. Very good condition.
Serial No: N. 642355. Comes with an Otto Link 8*Ebonite mouthpiece
and bam black moulded case.


Selmer Ref 54 tenor £4995 


Selmer Mk6 tenor. Very late year £6000
Selmer Mk6 Soprano mid 70s £3995

Selmer Mk6 tenor saxophone 1967 £5995

Serviced and playing very well.

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1936 Selmer Balanced Action alto in silver


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