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Selmer Mk6

Selmer Mk6, the holy grail - the one and only - the saxophone that all other manufacturers have tried to reproduce. The one to buy to complete the ever difficult quest to being a accomplished player and have a romance that no other sax can create.

Approximately 185 thousand Mk6 saxophones were made in the 20 years reign between 1954 and 1974. In my opinion there were roughly 50 thousand altos and 50 thousand tenors and the last 85 thousand were all the rest of the range.

After all this praise not all of the Mk6s play well !

If your saxophone has escaped been dropped squashed or just abused by big hairy biker type players then there are still pitfalls and problems that can foul that dream and shatter your expectations after parting with huge amounts of money.

The following can explain this……….

These next few pictures show some of the keywork and the wear to the barrels and pearls.

B natural lefthand.

A natural lefthand.

Wear to F natural righthand.

Wear to E natural righthand.

Wear to low D natural righthand.

Wear to low Eb / C.

Wear to octave m/c.

Wear to low C#.

Below is the reconstructed key barrels bringing the sax into line with modern playing.Once this work has been done to the keywork it makes the sax feel like a new horn.


B natural barel extension

A barrel extension

F barrel extension

E barrel extension

D barrel extension

The following pictures show how the pearls and the pearl holders can wear leaving the sax feeling tired and difficult to play.

Wear in lefthand pearls

This is what I have to do to replace the pearls.

Remove the pearl cup from the arm.

Remove pearl cup from pad cup

All 7 main pearl cups removed.

Solder replacement pearl cups to pad cups

New pearls fitted to righthand pearl cups

New pearls fitted to lefthand pearl cups.


This kind of repair is very long lasting and will serve you well for many years to come.


1952 Balanced Action Tenor


This saxophone was involved in a car accident in 2001 and ended up in a garage for 11 years.

When the owner of this horn brought it to me for repairing i quickly realised i once owned it 

in 1996.



You can see on this photo that the pad saver was still in the sax and it was a very good quality pad saver, getting it out was a complete pain.


This was the worst bend that i have ever taken on, and the hours involved plus a repad came to

approx 60 hours.


















Balanced Action Tenor.

Fitting a top f sharp.


First stage is to silver solder the f sharp tone hole on to the body in the correct position.


This is the same tone hole with the centre removed and the body cleaned up.







This is the touch piece and support pillars.


F sharp guard fitted.

The keywork i used I bought from selmer, pad cup and arm, touch key, guard.

I matched the pillars from scrap instruments, and the tone hole i made on the lathe.


This pillar was mounted on top of the side E natural pillar.


This top support pillar was from a mk7.



Selmer Mk6 bell ring replacement.










This repair is good for damaged bell rings and solder problems.



Selmer mk6 Soprano palm key conversion.

I think most players who have owned one of these will agree that the palm keys are pretty nasty.

Here i go again. i couldnt resist the challange to modify this horn when it landed on my bench.


Removing all palm toneholes.

Below blocking off original tone holes.


Below, all tone holes block and heat sink plugs in place to protect the other soldered toneholes.

Below,heat sink 2.

Blocking plugs silver soldered into body.

Below, soldered toneholes filed and cleaned.

Below, marking out new tone hole positions.

Below, new tone hole made on the lathe.

Below, first tone hole soldered to body.

below, fitting new saddle.

Below, all finished.

Below, done and feeling like a modern horn.



New mods and conversions coming in the new year including a mk6 low A alto converted back to Bb.







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